Tracy Lytle’s love for and devotion to art in it’s many forms, goes back almost to her infancy. A graduate of the Seattle art Institute, she’s experimented with everything from oils on canvas to acrylics on pottery, intricate designs on all sorts of furniture from serious rockers to frivolous highchairs. Her carved, stained and painted wood tiles can be found on the walls of cabins and  estates and even on the walls of Jackson Hole Elementary school in Wyoming. Most recently her tiles have expanded into individuals and grouped wall hangings emphasizing nature and the endless ways in which it can be interpreted and appreciated. When not in her home studio in Estes Park Colorado, Tracy can be found serving up a perfect latte at the local Starbucks, walking and talking with locals and friends,  throwing wire loops across the floor for Lewis, the cat to retrieve and of course enjoying cold evenings in front of the fire with husband, Fred and occasionally daughters, Sara and Brynn.