Tracy Lytle’s love for and devotion to art in it’s many forms, goes back almost to her infancy. A graduate of the Seattle Art Institute, she’s experimented with everything from oils on canvas to acrylics on pottery, Intricate designs on all sorts of furniture from serious rockers to frivolous highchairs.

Tracy Lytle Seitzman


Tracy’s Always creating different styles of her wood carvings! From the simple black and white, carvings with colorful paintings and three piece sets that will fit perfectly on the blank wall you’ve been looking to fill! 

Inspiration can come from many things! Tracy loves spending her time outdoors and get inspired by the beautiful pine trees that surrounds her in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Check out some of the funky and rustic designs that flow through her head in her wood carvings!

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees!"

Henry David Thoreau